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Past Projects

"There are always some people who don't become possessed. Maybe these just don't have sufficient incentive."
Keith Johnstone


What if you could be the main character?

Between 2015 and 2019, Zoe and Morgane hosted a series of immersive theatrical events designed to bring participants into dream-like worlds of interpersonal intensity. Guests could explore different settings, express themselves through performance and play, and pursue their fantasies — all as characters in a broader story.


We picked themes that involved a big world, compelling characters and environments, and universal conflicts and emotions. In a party set in the world of Twin Peaks, we weaved guests' fantasies into immersive performances based on the show’s most haunting moments. For another event, we adapted several Grimm fairy tales into a weekend of participatory scenes that were sometimes funny, sometimes dark, and often quite beautiful. We also produced a reality TV competition set in a schoolhouse, an absurdist literary salon with Tarot-inspired performances, and a Naked Brunch fêting the pagan saint of excess, Hunter S. Thompson.

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